We all know that gambling is addictive, and some people have problems with it as others do with drugs, and alcohol. We know the signs of gambling addictions, we know ways to prevent gambling addictions, but have we taken a second to stop and think about why gambling is addictive? Let us do just that, and take a look at the reasons behind gambling addictions.

Gambling gives us an escape, just as drinking and other vices do. People become addicted to gambling because they see it as a method of getting away from the issues that plague them, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Gambling gives them a means to make money to get away from financial problems, and gives them a place to go to get away from others who may be causing them problems. These gamblers are known as “Escape” gamblers, or people who use gambling to get away from life.

Gambling addicts spend their time chasing the “high” of winning, the same way alcoholics and narcotic users spend their time and money chasing theirs. The adrenaline rush one gets from a win is so tremendous that many addicts spend countless hours and amounts of money trying to get that same feeling from winning big. These gamblers are known as “Action” gamblers, who continue to gamble because of the thrill of winning.

Gambling addiction does not quite alter the chemistry of the brain like a chemical dependency addiction does; however, the chemical dependency and pathological gambling are similar in many ways. The similarities that exist between them are an inability to stop or control the addiction, depression, mood swings, and denying the existence of said addiction and behavior. Unlike the addicts with chemical dependency, the gambling addicts cannot overdose, do not have needles in their arms, or physical signs. A big similarity between the chemical addicts and compulsive gamblers is, the debt. Many people spend thousands of dollars they do not have gambling, and consider theft to cover their habit, just as many drug addicts are known for.

Now that you know some of the reasoning behind why gambling is addictive, you can better prepare yourself as a gambler, and help to prevent gambling addictions from striking the people who you love and are important to you. As always, you should gamble for fun, only when you have the time and money to do so. Get out while you are ahead with some extra money in your pocket and find something else to spend the extra money on that you enjoy.

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