How long have you been playing in casino houses? Have you been able to consider casino’s security when choosing a casino to visit? Although the major priority of casinos worldwide is to provide their players the maximum security that they could give, there would always be some glitches that could hinder them from doing that. So, it is your responsibility as well to protect yourself and your hard-earned money. To do that, try considering the following tips.

Double check the Bill Receptor

Check out your bill before feeding it to the bill receptor. There are times that the bill receptor spits it out because you either feed it in a wrong way or with a crinkled part. If you are not observing that, there could be some people who might snatch your money. Because your clueless, you would just be wondering why the money did not add up to your recent credits.

Carry your wallet with caution.

Men put their wallets in their back pockets. When you are in a casino, try not doing that as a thief can easily see whether you have something in your back pocket. Instead of your back pocket, put it in your front pocket.

Be careful with where you place your purse.

Do not get too carried away with the game. Always have presence of mind especially when you are carrying something like a purse or other personal belongings. Put your purse wrapped around your shoulders or place it on your lap. Be on the look out as other could easily take your purse or wallet.

Watch out for the bump

Some pickpockets work with a group. They deploy the bump technique wherein someone would bump you. This would make you focus your attention on the person who bumped you. The other person, meanwhile, will snatch your wallet or purse.

Put your cash in your wallet.

When collecting your winnings at the cashier’s cage, make sure that you put your money inside your wallet first before leaving the cashier’s area. There is no need to show everyone that you have money.

Ask assistance from the casino’s security

End your lucky night safely. If you have pocketed a huge sum of money, do not rely on yourself for protection. Tell a security officer that you need their help because of your winnings for the night. Doing this would keep pickpockets away from your prize money. Meantime, you can also show your gratitude to the security officer in different ways. It’s all up to you to decide.

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