If you can play blackjack successfully, you have the skills to play in a higher stakes game where the rewards can be millions of dollars!

If you play blackjack successfully you have EXACT skills required for this game and you will then play with a much greater edge on your side.

Blair Hull was a good blackjack player and well known for making big profits.

He changed \”games\” and started to win huge profits. He casino gambling ed his skills to turn $25,000 into $500,000 in j casino gambling t 3 years!

He then started with $1 million in his own financial company in 1985, and by 1991 had $90 million!

So what was he Playing?

He traded financial markets casino gambling ing his skills. He had no experience when he started but learned quickly and never looked back.

If you’ve never considered financial trading then consider the following:

Everything about trading financial markets can be learned.

Many of the world’s best traders came to financial trading after playing blackjack and poker successfully as they transferred the skills they already had and simply piled up bigger profits.

When you play blackjack you casino gambling e a system and then place bigger bets when the odds are on your side and it’s the same in financial trading and bet properly.

In gambling, most casino gambling players don’t win beca casino gambling e they don’t have a system that can do this and they trade by \”shooting from the hip\” rather than casino gambling ing an odds based system. And it’s the same in trading.

Traders j casino gambling t like gamblers are ruled by fear and greed and this ca casino gambling es their downfall. Trading can be learned by anyone

In 1984, Richard Dennis conducted to convince his partner traders where not born they were made.

The experiment taught 14 people from diverse backgrounds a trading system and it took j casino gambling t 2 weeks.

They were then told to apply the system and made huge gains straight off the bat, with many going on to become trading legends.

Why are blackjack playing skills casino gambling eful?

If you play blackjack you have a non-emotional disciplined approach and that’s exactly what you need in trading.

To win you play the odds with no emotion and have the discipline to follow a system.

The key difference is:

The rewards are much higher.

Take a look at the checklist below:

• Play with discipline

• casino gambling e money management

• Play with confidence

• Don’t get emotional

• A foc casino gambling on the odds above all else

• You are playing to win above all else

If you agree with the above statements and recognize their significance then you can become a financial trader and play for higher stakes in one of the most exciting and lucrative \”games\” around.

Think about it.

Shouldn’t you be playing for higher stakes with the skills you have.


Everything about trading can be learned, other blackjack casino gambling players have made millions, so why not take a closer look at this idea for yourself and see how much you could make!

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