WSOP Drives Up American Visits To Online Gambling Websites

October was a busy month at online gambling websites and that is largely thanks to the World Series of Poker. The 2010 edition had people checking out who was set to play at the final table of the main event, as well as picking up other news on the Internet gambling industry.

For October, traffic to online gambling websites doubled on the way to the midterm elections in early November. The increase in traffic is not surprising to industry insiders, who understand that the online gambling industry is still growing.

“The bottom line is that no matter what the government tries to do to keep prohibition of Internet gambling, US residents are still seeking out sites to place their bets,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “The more the issue is in the mainstream news, the more Americans want to learn about online gambling.”

Jeff Hackett, Executive Vice-President of comScore Media Matrix, believes that the midterm elections had a lot to do with increased traffic to political websites, which is to be expected. Beckett also cited the WSOP as the driving force behind the online gambling traffic, with the WSOP final table playing out with live updates online.

The most traffic for any sites were again Google and Yahoo. Microsoft was third, and the trio will almost always top the list with their being the link between US residents and the information highway., the social networking giant, passed 150 million visitors, gaining on the top three.

Google sites had over 180 million visitors, while Yahoo sites were right behind at 179.6 million. Microsoft had 170.6 million visitors for October. Further down the list of the top ten traffic sites, but still gaining much attention are Apple Inc., Amazon sites, and Viacom Digital.…

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